Real-Time Construction Crew Safety Monitoring

by OGIS-Ri Co., Ltd
Monitor the safety of workers on construction sites laying and maintaining gas pipelines.
Based on the data sent from the worker's sensor devices, the condition of the worker is sensed and analyzed by VANTIQ. When an abnormality is detected, the supervisor is automatically notified, and the supervisor can react based on the situation. The status of the worker is monitored in real-time and visualized on the central monitoring/control screen.
  • The application collects all the data from the worker’s sensor devices.
  • The application analyzes the data and determines if it is an abnormal situation
  • The application sends notifications to supervisors in real-time when an abnormal situation is detected
  • Supervisors can take actions and send reports in real-time
  • The status of the worker can be monitored by the operation on the central monitoring/control screen

OGIS-RI is a global information technology (IT) consulting firm, providing information strategy, systems integration, systems development, network construction, support, and security solutions. Founded in 1983, the privately held company has more than 3,000 employees and is based in Osaka, Japan with a U.S. office in San Mateo, California. OGIS-RI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd, the second-largest gas utility company in Japan.

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