Monitoring of Things™ Real-Time Smart Building System

Monitor facilities, equipment, occupancy and smart buildings; provide alerts and visual evidence in real-time.
Ricoh Innovations has developed an edge-based, real-time, event-driven system for IoT to drive the future of smarter facilities. We call this ecosystem WorkPlace Solutions, a monitoring and analytics platform based on MoT human-like sensory computing technologies. WorkPlace Solutions enables the user to access visual evidence from a database linked to any desired triggers without extensive searching. WorkPlace Solutions includes all hardware, software and services needed to perform three main functions: Detect, Process, and Act.
  • No capital expenditure
  • Subscription-based service
  • Real-time event-based alerts
  • Actionable 10-second video
  • Efficient object recognition at the edge from any source
  • Dynamic blending of video and sensory data
  • Synthesized data for real-time response

Ricoh Innovations’ WorkPlace Solutions is an edge-based, real-time, event-driven solution. This one-of-a-kind Monitoring of Things™ technology (IoT + Sensor) drives increases in productivity, security, safety and usage to improve customers’ business operations and power the future of smarter facilities.

WorkPlace Solutions' unique offering uses on-demand compute to transform video into actionable data, alerting personnel based on real-time event triggers. Because only salient events are recognized, the system uses far less bandwidth than traditional systems. The system dynamically blends video and sensory data.

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