Intelligent Elevator Monitoring Platform

Use VANTIQ to monitor the operation of tens or even several hundred thousand elevators in real-time, and count the running conditions: online, alerts, etc.
Next-generation application for monitoring the real-time status of elevators in Shanghai. Currently running with 7,000 elevators from multiple manufacturers, will eventually be extended to 250,000 across Shanghai.
  • Real-time Data interface includes: Car temperature, roof temperature, room temperature, air pressure, current floor, current operating speed, whether there is anyone in the elevator, the current direction of operation, whether there is a smoke alarm, alarm status
  • Real-time video and historical video URLs for current elevators
  • The intercom conn history notion of the current elevator in the rescue
  • History data: 1) Query the history data for room temperature. 2) Statistic Smoke Alarm for the day 3) Statistic Smoke Alarm and history alarm warning for the day. 4). Get access parameters and the percentage of online time in a week for an elevator
  • Get online information for all elevators in real-time
  • Deliver the information of the elevator with status change (online, offline) to the smart elevator platform
  • Accumulate current energy consumption, running time, number of open doors, equipment steel wire (rope) bending times, operating distance, take a number of ladders and other statistical information

Using VANTIQ's distributed and event-driven architecture to monitor the real-time status of elevators in Shanghai at scale. Currently running with hundreds of elevators from two manufacturers, will eventually be extended to 250,000 in Shanghai.​

The application requires the ability to accept real-time data in different formats from ​many different elevator manufacturers. VANTIQ Pronto makes it easy to transform the data into a ​standard format as it is ingested.

The shanghai Quality Control Bureau is using this application to guarantee that building operators are maximizing the safety and security of their elevator systems and coordinating their efficient use across Shanghai. With this system, one building engineer can now monitor/control 5 buildings (vs. 2 previously)

  • Use VANTIQ's real-time event processing platform to quickly process events and extract useful information
  • High concurrency and scalability in VANTIQ platform to address the growing number of access elevators
  • VANTIQ Low code, efficient and easy to modify, deploy and applied
  • Integrate data from multiple elevator IoT platforms, standardize data access and output (the third-party’s accessing data)
  • Enhanced building security
  • Direct cost savings in building management and maintenance
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