Image recognition for Security

Analyze video footage with 4D tracking of people and objects such as luggage, AI detection of situations
AI video recognition system to capture real-time person, crowd, or object tracking for identification of accidents or dangerous situations and immediate response of security services
  • Integrate structured camera data
  • Process data in real-time which help identify a security event in the airport in realtime
  • Extract the business event from the data stream
  • Real-time situational awareness and security collaboration
  • Alert guards in real time about situations
  • The proprietary Image Recognition algorithm

Shanghai Gaozhong information technology co., ltd. (Glotech) was established in December 2014, It is a technology innovation company specializing in computer vision and deep learning technology. Dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence technology and big data technology in the field of information security and social security, providing customers with advanced solutions to meet the needs of the actual scene.

With the combination of algorithms and big data analytics technology, Gaozhong Technology (Glotech) independently developed and delivered the industry-leading video structuring system, recreating the information flow and business flow of video surveillance and research applications. The system has been successfully applied in many industries such as civil aviation, transportation, finance, urban management, and safety production. It has greatly improved the ability of enterprises and institutions to monitor, warn, analyze and respond to massive video, so that video information It is no longer an isolated island, effectively reducing personnel input and helping the construction of smart cities in China.

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