Financial Services Chatbot
Use modern chat platforms to manage loans and financial agreements in real-time
Chatbot focused on leveraging financial services, offering loans directly to targeted audience. Integrates with most chat services to increase the ease with which you share and receive loan applications.
  • Automatically offer loans to target customers
  • Seamless integration with WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger
  • Natural language processing to enable voice and emoji user input
  • Advanced tracking of loan status and customer relationship
  • Real-time dashboard to visualize loan usage

NX2 Tech is a company that aims to implant a Digital DNA in its clients. And we do this in a sound, assertive way using the best market practices. Doing the right thing the first time is in the DNA of NX2 Tech: we dismember complex projects in stages and modules with the purpose of accelerating our deliveries, being committed to always use the methodology most appropriate for our clients and following scientific concepts.

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