Field Service Management Blueprint

The field service blueprint project was built to answer the challenges typical to today’s FSM (Field Service Management) practices and solutions.
The Vantiq Field Service Management blueprint provides a complete set of features and functionality to manage customer issues or requests that may result in dispatching a service technician to the site.
  • Automation - Automatically dispatch technicians based on user-definable criteria such as skillset and location.
  • Tracking - Mobile phones are used to track the location and progress of field service technicians when they are in the field addressing a work order.
  • Notification - Customers are notified via email or SMS text message when technicians are assigned to their issue, when the technician has arrived, and when they are running late. Updated arrival times are automatically calculated using current traffic conditions to provide customers with accurate and real-time arrival times.
  • Web Application - Complete web application to manage tickets, work orders, customers, assets, and technicians.
  • Mobile Application - Technicians use the mobile application to get notifications, respond to assignment requests, and view work order details.
  • Reporting - Display technicians' current location on a map view. Analytics are provided for tickets and work orders to gain insights on customers and products.

Field Service Management (FSM) describes a category of businesses that provide services for IT-related hardware and software. This commonly includes technical support for hardware and software problems, installation and removal of hardware and software, management of licenses, and consulting services.

The benefit of using a blueprint is starting off with an application that has a completed code base to bootstrap a new project. Although blueprints are complete working applications they are not intended to be used "as-is", rather they are intended to speed up the development of a new application by providing a completed and working set of base components and functionality to build upon and customize.

The Vantiq Field Service Management blueprint provides a complete set of features and functionality to manage customer issues or requests that may result in dispatching a service technician to the site of a problem.

This project was built to provide an answer to the following challenges typical to today’s FSM practices and solutions.
- Customer experience suffers from infrequent communication and lack of visible insight, especially on long-duration high priority issues.
- Dispatching of a field technician is a slow process with manual steps that are prone to human error.
- Inability to identify or predict response times to customer issues is preventing meeting SLA demands.
- Lack of accurate time and effort tracking for field technicians makes it difficult to meet the expected levels of customer service.

The FSM Blueprint was built with common business practices for an FSM company in mind. These include:
- A Service Desk that receives service or support requests and provides customer support.
- Field technicians who are dispatched to handle problems that require an onsite presence.
- Varying skills between technicians, one technician may specialize in certain hardware, another in certain software.
- A structured process that supports customer support lifecycle.

This project contains:
- Web-based ticketing system that supports creating tickets, Work orders, customers, technicians, service desk users, assets, and reporting.
- Mobile applications that use the Vantiq mobile app to provide alerts, notifications, and interactions with users and technicians.
- Automated technician dispatch capability that will identify the proper field technician for a work order based on their location and skillset.
- SLA monitoring will escalate work orders that are not being progressed fast enough.
- A process/workflow for handling open tickets and work orders.
- Security Profiles that provide ACL-based security for users.

  • Decreased labor costs with automated technician dispatch capability
  • Increased customer satisfaction with frequent communication and in-depth visible insight
  • Maximized work efficiency with the l-time reporting and ticketing system
  • Decreased R&D cost by using the blueprint to 'jump-start' any project
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