Customer Engineer 手配システム
  • CEスケジュールの空き状況、保有スキル、現在位置等に基づき、CEを自動的に選定
  • インシデントNo.、インシデント内容、住所等、対応に必要な情報を対応するCEへ配信
  • CEDコンソール上にてCEの現在位置、インシデント発生位置を一元管理

Mitsuiwa has been building total IT services from planning, implementing to support to meet customer’s needs in a proactive way through 50 years since its establishment. With the combination of VANTIQ IoT platform and its comprehensive services, Mitsuiwa will try its best to help business users in developing IoT projects by providing rapid application environment and support for development and operation.

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