Covid-19 Outbreak Control System

A fully functional smart building application to increase the safety and security of buildings and their occupants.
The solution performs facial recognition and correlates thermal camera and location data. It then tracks an infected person’s movement history to identify infection areas in real-time.
  • Uses IoT devices at building entrances to measure body temperature in real-time
  • The system will alert the operational control center once a person’s detected body temperature exceeds the threshold
  • Grant access to building upon facial recognition and confirmation of wearing a mask
  • With video surveillance, badge scanners, and wearable devices, the system can localize and trace the activities of people without masks
  • Monitor the flow of people across designated areas. When a person crosses into an unauthorized area, the operational control center is alerted

The GiConnect solution was developed in less than 2 weeks using VANTIQ’s real-time application development platform. This application monitors coronavirus outbreaks within hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, etc. The solution performs facial recognition and correlates data between various IoT devices. The system tracks people’s movement history to identify possible infection areas in real-time.

Using temperature measurement and facial recognition devices at the entrance of the building, the system can effectively monitor body temperature and identify people even when wearing a mask. When the temperature of a person exceeds the threshold, an automatic warning is issued to the operational control center in real-time. The control center then immediately notifies the relevant departments for prevention and control arrangements.

To reduce the possibility of disease spread, the office area is divided into different sections according to function. Employees can be active in their department area, while visitors’ activities are limited to specific areas of the office. The system can differentiate between employees and visitors. With Giconnect's advanced indoor positioning system, the range of motion of visitors can be detected. If there is cross-regional activity, the system will automatically alert the operational control center.

The Giconnect solution can also analyze people’s trajectory for early warning. Through Giconnect's video structured processing capabilities and AI technology, the body temperature tag will be displayed on the target person, along with other appearance features tags such as hair color, clothes, shoes, and backpacks. Through multi-camera tracking, the system can analyze where an infected person's movements and interactions. The system will notify potentially infected people via real-time push notifications.

  • Built real-time coronavirus system in less than 2 weeks
  • Applies to a variety of retail and business environments, such as a piano store and a manufacturing plant
  • Reduced risk of infection through IoT sensors and cameras
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