AI-Enabled Monitoring of Factory Workers
Camera Based AI Detection System in a Food Manufacturing Factory to Improve Worker Safety and Food Quality Assurance
Edge devices, IP cameras and AI Box, observe worker’s skeleton and pose in a factory and check through captured time series data by unsupervised machine learning. They detect unusual objects in the same way. Once status is judged abnormal, data is sent to VANTIQ and alert a supervisor to the situation.
  • Gathering worker’s skeleton and pose data through edge devices, IP cameras and AI Box (Jetson TX2).
  • Detecting abnormal status and unusual objects through unsupervised machine learning.
  • Alerting a supervisor and a person in charge to anomaly detection, gathered to VANTIQ
  • Enabling check records of anomaly detection on a dashboard.

Mitsuiwa has been building total IT services from planning, implementing to support to meet customer’s needs in a proactive way through 50 years since its establishment. With the combination of VANTIQ IoT platform and its comprehensive services, Mitsuiwa will try its best to help business users in developing IoT projects by providing rapid application environment and support for development and operation.

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