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LOUD - Live Outdoor Urban Data
by ProductOps
Often overlooked, noise pollution has a high impact on our quality of life. Detect and classify city noises and ensure compliance with existing city ordinances while helping to plan for the future.
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Measures against heat stroke for IoW (Internet of Workers)
by Daiko-Denshi
Accidents due to heat stroke of workers occur every year at high-temperature work sites such as factories. It is a solution for workers to wear a smart watch so that workers in the factory can be seen
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Monitoring of Things™ Real-Time Smart Building System
by Ricoh Innovations
Monitor facilities, equipment, occupancy and smart buildings; provide alerts and visual evidence in real-time.
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Real-time self-driving car testing and dispatch
by Hirain Technologies
Car testing has become very complex with new requirements, technologies and sensors. Using VANTIQ, Hirain has developed a unique platform to analyze test car performance in real-time.
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Real-Time Translation for Human-Machine Interfaces (4HMI)
by Infosquare
AI Enabled Real-Time Translation of More than 140 Languages to Increase Language Capabilities of Any Part of Your Business
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Rental Locker Management System
by Winwin Software
Allow Customers to Manage Rental Lockers from a Mobile Application
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Self-Service Vending Machine
by Winwin Software
Simple and Elegant Platform to Track Inventory and Manage Vending Machines in Real-Time
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Smart Apartment
by Winwin Software
Apartment Rental Management Platform using Connected Sensors, Infrared and other Internet of Things devices, to Create Smart Home Services
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