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Advanced Parking Lot Navigation using Network Cameras
by Canon IT Solution
Real-time tracking and management of parking spaces using image analysis and VANTIQ. This solution enables effective utilization of parking lots, and new sales opportunities.
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AI-Enabled Monitoring of Factory Workers
by Mitsuiwa
Camera Based AI Detection System in a Food Manufacturing Factory to Improve Worker Safety and Food Quality Assurance
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Customer Engineer Dispatch (CED) system
by Mitsuiwa
Automatically Match and Dispatch Customer Engineers to Handle Every Incident in Real-Time
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Financial Services Chatbot
by NX2
Use modern chat platforms to manage loans and financial agreements in real-time
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Food Delivery Tracking for Malls
by Winwin Software
Track the Temperature and Delivery Status of Fresh Food as it Moves Through Complex Environments such as a Mall
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Image recognition for security
by Glotech
Analyzed video footage with 4D tracking of people and objects such as luggage, AI detection of situations
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Intelligent Elevator Monitoring Platform
Use VANTIQ to monitor the operation of tens or even several hundred thousand elevators in real time, and count the running conditions: online, alerts, etc.
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LOUD - Live Outdoor Urban Data
by ProductOps
Often overlooked, noise pollution has a high impact on our quality of life. Detect and classify city noises and ensure compliance with existing city ordinances while helping to plan for the future.
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