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Vantiq and partner Casne Engineering discuss how low-code applications on the edge are enabling utilities companies to more effectively operate remote environments.
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Enabling Real-Time Monitoring of Remote Utility Assets with Edge and Low-Code Technology

Use Case/Industry Specific

How can edge and low code technology help remote locations like those in the utility industry maintain critical infrastructure and respond in real-time to potentially critical situations?

What are the best practices for implementing next-generation technologies to address common challenges in responding to unexpected changes and the maintenance of  remote locations?

With over 700,000 miles of transmission lines, 2.2 million miles of underground water pipes, and 2 million miles of natural gas distribution mains in the U.S alone, managing critical distributed utility assets is a daunting task. From failure due to maintenance issues, environmental damage or even sabotage, these distributed assets are at risk in many ways, and their failures can have very expensive and detrimental consequences for businesses, communities, and human life.

During our recent webinar, At Nature’s Edge – Technology Solutions for Digitizing Remote Utilities Operation, Casne’s Technical Program Managers Chris Wozniak and Renner Burke, and David Sprinzen, VP of Marketing at Vantiq, shared their insights into how low code and edge technology can enable utilities organizations to monitor remote locations and respond to events in real-time. For these critical operations, no matter what the cause, failure is not acceptable. When it comes to gaining real-time visibility into remote locations and responding to or preventing failures, digital solutions are required to both connect digital and physical environments and drive true mission-critical solutions.

Fortunately a new generation of low code, agile software platforms and technology has emerged, with which IT teams can quickly build smart applications at scale in weeks rather than years, deploy them to the edge, and provide real-time visibility into digital and physical environments for immediate action. And that means organizations, like those in the utility industry with remote locations, can future-proof systems and address key challenges such as:

  • Remote Asset Monitoring – Remote facilities often have unreliable and difficult to manage networks, and access to the data produced by these facilities is critical for operations. 
  • Remote Asset Visual Inspections – Many remote assets have a mix of known and unknown maintenance requirements. Organizations need a solution to detect when maintenance is needed. 
  • Field Service Orchestration – All too often, organizations rely on static workflows, and technicians who are out in the field may not have the necessary information and are not updated as situations evolve.
  • Personnel Safety – Understanding where people are located in any potentially dangerous situation in remote locations can mean the difference between life and death. Organizations need real-time information such as GPS coordinates and weather data to make informed decisions.
  • Environmental Threats – Changes in the environment can threaten people and assets, as well as result in increased costs and services interruptions.
  • Environmental Protection – Remote operation failures, such as treatment plant overflows, can cause environmental disasters, Early detection is critical for preventing large-scale incidents.

The reality is that the “traditional” solutions many organizations continue to rely upon involve limited use of technology, and usually are dependent on human operators that do not have all the necessary data to make effective decisions. And while for many years, the technology to solve these challenges required long development cycles and deep expertise – these solutions are now quicker and easier to develop and deploy.

Watch our recent webinar and find out how Vantiq and Casne are teaming up to create next generation remote utilities solutions and how it is easier than ever to leverage technology to help address these operational challenges. 

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