9 Predictions from 2018’s Real-Time Enterprise Thought Leaders

Digital Transformation

In 2018, we have had the pleasure of interviewing many industry influencers from a wide variety of companies (Infosquare, IDC, Volkswagen, Hitachi Vantara, GM Financial, AVOA, and more) involved with digital transformations around the world. There is no doubt that we are facing an inflection point in technology that will require companies and individuals to adapt to maintain relevance. All influencers agree that when it comes to their respective spaces of smart cities, smart manufacturing, change management, AI, IoT, digital transformation implementation, and much more, agility is not only recommended, it is required. 

We thank all the influencers that have participated in 2018 and look forward to the insightful conversations that we will have with many more guests in 2019.


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If players in the IoT space hope to get out of PoC hell, they’ll need to push the reset button on their business models and technology and focus on extreme simplicity, security, and using familiar technologies customers already understand. Value props need to be better articulated, projects need to be completed more quickly, and costs need to come down so customers can hit their ROI targets.

Rob Tiffany, VP & General Manager of IoT North America and former CTO and Global Product Manager at Hitachi Vantara

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The Gig Economy will accelerate the need to be paid by the hour/day/week which will enable Fintech initiatives in this area for tech payment intermediaries. The world of tech will be one of massive consolidation. We already have an over-commoditized market of crossover business models for competing firms. The year of tech M and A will be big. Social media platforms will become regulated – they are already under scrutiny with issues Facebook has had this year, but these issues will get taken out wider across other platforms.

Neil CattermullDirector at Frontier Technology

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By 2019, technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and fast date (evolution of bigdata in near or real time) will contribute significantly in combating corruption within the government – especially in developing nations. Citizens and social organizations will make the crossing of official data to monitoring public spending and sharing information in a way accessible to everyone. They will require good use of public money and the correct use of taxes for the good of the community.

Evandro PrietoBusiness Executive at NX2

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Machine learning has finally matured to the point where it can accurately predict sales channels, customer churn, customer recommendations, market predictions and medical treatment plans.  Companies can create real value within current markets and customers without breaking the bank for advanced modelling with cloud based technology.

Cliff Robbins, V.P. of technology and Resident Data Scientist at GearForge Software

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Heritage companies previously resistant to cloud and agile finally have come around as they need to catch up with the competition. The talent shortage has reached a point where companies need to choose to consciously reinvent existing talent instead of hiring/replacing. Companies that break down silos and self-imposed organization barriers will see additional success.

Tom SweetVP IT Solutions at GM Financial

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In 2019, Enterprises will double-down on innovative ways to leverage technology for business transformation. Look for enterprises to leverage insights from data to catapult their customer engagement.

Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA

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More and more businesses will be moving to the Everything-As-A-Service (xAAS) model which will eventually become the de facto go-to operating model for delivering IT services. xAAS makes advanced technologies such as IoT, real-time event driven architecture, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics more readily available and affordable to businesses of all sizes. XaaS is helping companies accelerate service delivery and gain business agility. xAAS will definitely emerge as a key enabler of Digital Transformation.

Vilavanh Messien, Managing Partner at Infosquare

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More and more organizations will understand the real meaning of digital transformation and top management will take charge by understanding their role in developing the digital vision and by leading the digital journey. Agility will become a company-wide issue, not just an IT issue. New technologies will enable the realization of the business transformation and the development of a new generation of incredible applications. It’s going to be as exciting and challenging as it can be. 

Raz Heiferman, Senior Digital Transformation Advisor at i8 Ventures

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In 2019, companies that get it will start using AI to channel customer requests to “first responders” in real time.  The reaction to the customer will be in real time, leading to new levels of customer satisfaction.  The HOLD button should be removed from the telephone of the future.

Stephen Pickett, Former CIO of Penske Corporation and Partner at Fortium Partners

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