Vantiq for ISVs + SIs

The collaboration architecture of VANTIQ enables ISVs and SIs to easily build systems that keep people in the loop.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (SIs)

VANTIQ is well-suited to meet the needs of ISVs and SIs. VANTIQ is an aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) environment. The platform allows partners to rapidly develop and offer their applications as a service in the cloud, private cloud and/or on-premises at the customer location(s). The collaboration architecture of VANTIQ enables ISVs and SIs to easily build systems that keep people in the loop. For many applications, this will offer significant competitive advantage and enable them to “set the stage” where others cannot easily follow.

VANTIQ provides modern API-based interoperability. By leveraging REST, web sockets and common messaging protocols (MQTT, AMQP), integration with external services supporting specialized functionality (modern or legacy) can be easily added to an application. Functionality developed in VANTIQ can also be called as a service.

ISVs Independent Software Vendors

ISVs can leverage VANTIQ’s solutions to update their applications in realtime, deploy functionality incrementally and install in each customer’s distributed deployment environment without having to rewrite or update application logic. Service improvements or fixes can be rapidly deployed to all of the Cloud(s) or edge devices in a distributed environment. VANTIQ allows application logic to be placed into a configuration (a grouping of rules, procedures, types, and sources) which can be automatically distributed, turned on/off as requested, and set to run on all or a limited set of nodes. Configurations are named and can be versioned. They provide an easy way for ISVs to provide advanced capabilities to their customers, and then re-use them where appropriate.

Through VANTIQ, business opportunities can be identified in realtime with the ability to then provide highly specific content (e.g., specialized procedures, training materials) to connected users. This provides an ISV the opportunity to offer incremental, value-added services at any time.

ISVs System Integrators

Once systems are deployed, ongoing maintenance and dynamic changes to application logic (cloud or edge) can be remotely managed to improve performance, remove defects, or respond to critical business changes. A configuration (a grouping of rules, procedures, types and sources) can be implemented, removed, and/or activated remotely to update functionality of an application. VANTIQ’s configurations and other unique capabilities enable System Integrators to provide value-added services for their customers throughout the lifecycle of an engagement. This becomes even more important with collaborative systems as improvements in human procedures and recommendations are susceptible to rapid change.

VANTIQ allows components built for a specific vertical market, such as retail or process manufacturing, to be easily reused in new systems enabling rapid deployment and higher levels of reliability. Components can be designed or reused that report on noncompliance issues (corporate, regulatory, or business process).

With VANTIQ, SIs can deliver functionality to their customers using an incremental approach. This allows revisions to business processes to occur at an appropriate speed for success. This applies to both the scale of transformation delivered and the breadth to which it is deployed. For example, when rolling out new functionality, it might make sense to automate only a few warehouses at a time. Or, allowing employees and suppliers to adapt to changes in the supply chain might dictate that a new delivery system add only one major function per month. VANTIQ supports integration and deployment flexibility to a degree that is unique in today’s environments.


VANTIQ was designed from the beginning to offer many features to enable ISVs and SIs to deliver functionality faster and with dramatically less effort. With the focus on collaboration, VANTIQ enables its partners to leap ahead of their competitors. VANTIQ is the only solution in the market to enable the collaboration between systems and people in real time as is required given the proliferation of today’s new technologies (IoT, Mobile, Cloud).

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