Dynamic Customer Service

Ensure customer service personnel in physical stores are reacting to live, real-world events in real time.

• Very difficult for store personnel to monitor data from multiple systems while on the store floor

• Customers continually in action – impossible to watch everyone and respond appropriately

• Revenue per customer not maximized and customer satisfaction impacted

• External data sources not taken into account in real time store operations


Application tracks customers entering store and monitors behavior including dwell times in particular locations. Using visual recognition, data about past purchases is provided to store personnel who can intelligently assist the sales process. Use additional real-time data to deliver campaigns to shoppers’ mobile devices.

Relevant Industries

• Retail

• Education

• Government

• Entertainment

• Accommodation and Food Services

Vantiq Example

VANTIQ POC for large Japanese retailer enables the real-time personalized response of sales agents to constantly changing situations in the stores and store locations (mall). This also uses real time data from camera visual recognition systems and weather information to enable the stores to adjust electronic adverts to appeal to the profile of people entering a mall as well as current environmental conditions to predict foot traffic into the store.

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Real-Time Customer
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Ensure customer service personnel are reacting to real-world events in real time.
Enabling individual systems – as well as the system of systems across a smart city – to act and react in real time.

Data Sheet VANTIQ Application Platform Data Sheet

VANTIQ enables software applications to be rapidly built using modern digital technologies augmented with business logic.


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