Use Cases

Use-cases for VANTIQ applications are widely varied but there are some standard situations that occur across many industries. The list, below, contains implementations that VANTIQ is currently undertaking.

In Common
Common elements across most VANTIQ use-cases

• Involve FLOWS of physical or virtual things
1. Physical things (flows in a supply chain, rail cars, autos, people)
2. Virtual things (flows of money, contracts, data)
3. Work (DYNAMIC workflows)

• Flows are reflected in streams of data about business ‘events’

• Requirement to sense, analyze, decide, and act on these flows in real time

In Addition
Many VANTIQ use-cases also involve:

• Human-machine collaboration – people and systems working effectively together

• Widely distributed deployments – applications distributed to the edge of networks

• IoT devices/sensors – generators of increasing volumes of valuable data

• An Enterprise Nervous System – a system of applications connecting applications, people and devices together

If any of these characteristics reflect the challenges facing your organization, please contact VANTIQ for further discussion.
More VANTIQ Customer Use Cases
Field Service
Identify appropriate field service personnel, assign to task, and execute efficiently.
Supply Chain
Provide real-time insight and control over a highly-distributed supply chain.
Real-Time Fleet
Assigning appropriate vehicle to most efficiently respond to a situation.
Compliance, Safety,
and Security
Ensures security and compliance with plans, rules, regulations, laws, and standards.
Smart manufacturing systems enable dramatically improved quality levels and increased flexibility of manufacturing processes – especially those including a human component.
Human Health
Monitoring + Response
Sense status of health monitoring equipment and respond appropriately in real-time.
Monitoring + Response
Sense status of environment monitoring equipment and respond appropriately in real-time.
Real-Time Customer
Service Personalization
Ensure customer service personnel are reacting to real-world events in real time.
Enabling individual systems – as well as the system of systems across a smart city – to act and react in real time.

Data Sheet VANTIQ Application Platform Data Sheet

VANTIQ enables software applications to be rapidly built using modern digital technologies augmented with business logic.


White Paper Real-time Collaborative Systems

This white paper describes systems that enable a new paradigm of realtime collaboration amongst systems and people. We refer to these systems as Smart Systems.


White Paper Distribution + Federation in Real-time Applications

This paper describes the distributed nature of real-time business applications and the reasons why they must must be distributed across the cloud, on-premise and the network edge.