The VANTIQ Application Platform

What VANTIQ Does

The VANTIQ application platform allows every company to rapidly build, deploy and run Real-time Business Applications driven by data-streams of any kind, including data from existing systems and people.

Sense, Analyze and Act

Real-time Business Applications built in VANTIQ can sense, analyze, and act on what is happening in real time to drive immediate business results by effectively utilizing and augmenting the innumerable and growing modern technologies.

Sensing the World

Real-time Applications built with VANTIQ ingest multiple streams of data and events to continuously and accurately reflect the real world

Data streams originating in the environment such as new readings from real-time sensors, requests from mobile devices and changes in a legacy system, are continuously fed into the Sense stage of the application. This stage also translates and aggregates external data to create events within the system, and maintains an internal current state representation of the environment.

Analyzing the World

The Analyze stage identifies situations of interest where immediate action is required to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity

The Sense stage provides information, but lacks knowledge of what is important. The Analysis stage continuously analyzes changes in the environment by using business rules, external services, and imported machine learning models to identify situations of interest that subsequently get resolved in the Act stage.

Acting on the World

Real-time Applications use automation where possible and collaboration where necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

As situations of interest occur, the Act stage is responsible for intelligently managing how the system responds. Applications built with VANTIQ support two modes of action: Automation and Collaboration. Automated responses may be taken directly by the application or may be forwarded to a more specialized system for implementation. Collaboration includes intelligent interaction between the system and the responsible individuals to respond to a situation.

The Result: Increased Business Agility

The VANTIQ platform drastically shortens time-to-value and increases agility by hiding complexity so developers building Real-time Applications can focus on delivering real-time business value, not infrastructure.

To learn how the VANTIQ platform hides the underlying complexities of building modern software applications to deliver dramatic productivity improvements, click here.

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