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Enable operations personnel to collaborate with experts in other
locations to resolve problems using social communications techniques
such as sharing annotated photos and videos.

Factory of the Future” Real-time Application automates decision-making to reduce the costs associated with managing work-in-progress and inventory


Industrial IoT

This high-end ISV (Independent Software Vendor) builds and delivers next-generation IoT industrial shop floor solutions. Their solutions provide machine and factory floor data collection, edge-based machine learning, and collaborative business intelligence to drive productivity, equipment availability, quality, and workplace safety.


The VANTIQ platform enhanced the value of their shop floor solution by adding distributed logic capabilities at the edge, support for multiple industry protocols (MQTT, AMPQ, OPC-UA) and real time mobile collaborations among factory floor workers. These integrated features provide competitive differentiation and a unique value-added service offering for their customers.

Their solution uses VANTIQ to determine if the manufacturing process is running at peak performance by communicating with devices on the factory floor through flexible deployment models (edge, private and public clouds) running in a fully distributed manner. The VANTIQ-based solution augments traditional SCADA systems, streaming device data sources and existing historian databases to enable a new real-time application for operations personnel.

Through VANTIQ’s integration of real-time streaming data, the application tracks robots for loading parts to a series of machines along with track-and-trace of raw materials using RFID tag inputs via OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA). VANTIQ’s notifications and recommendations services allow the application to push intelligent notifications, collaborations, and recommendations directly to operations personnel, significantly enhancing visibility and response time for management.

VANTIQ Solution

Integration of VANTIQ’s solution with advanced sensors and controllers, applications, intelligent networking, advanced data models and analytic tools has made the production process dynamic and intelligent – not hierarchical and static.

VANTIQ’s recommendation engine provides the user with explicit training materials, user guides and directions to adjust machine performance in real-time to maximize manufacturing efficiencies and problem resolution.

The solution will enable operations personnel to collaborate with experts in other locations to resolve problems using social communications techniques such as sharing annotated photos and videos.


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