Compliance Managment

“Out of compliance” collaborations speed contract compliance resolution and reduce government fines and audits

Vantiq’s ability to deploy into multiple distributed configurations (cloud and on premises) are critical to meeting dynamic and varied customer business needs.

About the Customer Compliance Managment

Our customer is a systems integrator that provides a subscription service to federal government contractors to manage and monitor their compliance adherence for Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) contracts. They offer a web-based enterprise management system that provides contractors with the tools they need to handle the complex requirements of government contract accounting.

Why Vantiq?

The Vantiq platform integrates various data streams and databases to enable the customer to monitor contract changes and updates in realtime. The platform identifies “out of compliance” contracts and notifies designated management personnel of the status while alerting the end user with recommended actions to resolve compliance issues. The Vantiq solution allows compliance issues that previously took weeks or months to address to be resolved in minutes.

Vantiq Solution

Government compliance regulations change regularly. Vantiq empowers the CFO or knowledge worker in charge of compliance to dynamically change business rules on the fly to meet out-of-compliance situations. Vantiq also enables the knowledge worker to collaborate with others to address out-of-compliance situations. For example, if an order is placed within the financial service that is out of compliance, Vantiq notifies the CFO, who then initiates collaboration with a project manager. The realtime collaboration continues on an ongoing basis until they resolve the issue while also continuously providing updates on the status of the compliance concern.

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