Why I joined VANTIQ

Signing up for a new job is not something I do all the time, more like every 3-4 years. So this is a big deal! Looking at VANTIQ I saw something quite special and I don’t mind sharing – you might be interested too:

  • VANTIQ provides an application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) that lets mere mortals who speak javascript and sql build smart applications so that enterprises can act on data from all kinds of sources.  Tapping Internet of Things (IoT) devices, traditional enterprise systems via integrations like Mulesoft and Cloud apps via APIs these smart applications sense in real time, analyze and act. Instead of just providing a dashboard and have a human take action, most situations can be handled automatically, when AI and autonomous computing fails we pull humans in to solve the problem.
  • There is so much new and exciting (ok, I am a tech geek I admit it) technology out there from big data, cloud to IoT and the promise of all of that is amazing. At the same time regular enterprises seem to be struggling to realize the benefits and figure out how to transform their business to take advantage of the digital economy. There is a big gap between the Haves like Amazon, Uber, Google, etc. and the Have Nots. At VANTIQ we believe that our application Platform gives every enterprise access to the benefits of IoT, etc. without the need for the Navy Seal equivalent among developers and IT staff. Leveling the playing field is good for competition and the opportunity is just plain huge.
  • Making advanced tech simple and approachable is hard, after talking to our CTO I would go so far to say it is freaking complex, but the team did it! There is secret sauce under the hood that I have not seen anywhere else, for example: reactive programming – talk about difficult! but taming the beast is worth it, delivering scale to hundreds of thousands devices without the need for exorbitant hardware resources.
  • But besides the market opportunity and the killer product with a leg up on the competition it takes a great team to make it all happen. The team’s track record to deliver rock solid technology is just amazing and Marty our CEO has built two $1B businesses, the third time will be the charm 🙂

Now I can’t wait to take our brand new product to market and see how our customers will take advantage of the new paradigm – already I have heard of 10x productivity developing this new class of smart apps in VANTIQ compared to straight coding, others said they couldn’t have done it without us, not having the skills for IoT, Edge computing, etc.

I am excited!

…. and more to come as I see more of the use cases and patterns that let our customers digitize their business.



Vantiq Customer Case Studies

Compliance Management

“Out of compliance” collaborations speed contract compliance resolution and reduce government fines and audits


Industrial IoT

“Factory of the Future” smart system automates decision-making to reduce the costs associated with managing work-in-progress and inventory



Precise search results with targeted recommendations improve online customer engagement


Data Sheet VANTIQ Application Platform Data Sheet

VANTIQ enables software applications to be rapidly built using modern digital technologies augmented with business logic.


White Paper Real-time Collaborative Systems

This white paper describes systems that enable a new paradigm of real-time interaction between systems and people.


White Paper Distribution + Federation in Real-time Applications

This paper describes the distributed nature of real-time business applications and the reasons why they must must be distributed across the cloud, on-premise and the network edge.